Short Term Cosmetic Orthodontics

At Scottsdale Dental Centre, we are excited to offer our patients the opportunity to straighten their teeth in a comfortable and esthetic way!

We offer two kinds of short-term orthodontic treatments in our Guelph Orthodontics office:  Invisalign Clear Braces and Six Month Smiles.

Both techniques offer revolutionary, fast and cosmetic orthodontic treatments for adults to achieve wonderful, confident smiles. These methods are conservative, quick, affordable and highly esthetic.

Here's a comparision of the two techniques we employ for Short Term Cosmetic Orthodontics:

How it Works?

  • A series of removable clear retainers move your teeth over time.  New retainers are required every few weeks.


  • Highly esthetic, nearly invisible
  • Can be removed when required
  • Easier access for oral hygiene


  • Longer treatment time than braces (average 12 months)
  • Must remember to wear retainers 22-24 hrs/day.

Typial Invisalign Retainer


How it Works?

  • Instead of traditional metal braces, we utilize cosmetic white braces and white wires


  • Quickest way to straighten teeth
  • Significantly more esthetic than metal braces
  • Cost less than invisalign
  • Short treatment time (6-9 months)


  • Up close, braces will be visible to others
  • Requires diligent oral hygiene care

Typical Case of White Cosmetic Braces