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Dr. Farhan Ahmad


A message from Dr. Ahmad & your dental team


Due to the ongoing public health concerns, we made the decision on March 16th, 2020 to reschedule all non-urgent dental treatment.  We did it to protect our patients and team, and also to do our part in slowing down the spread of the virus and protect our community.  We are contacting people to reschedule their appointments on a week-by-week basis.  If we have not contacted you yet, we apologize for the delay, twe will be in touch soon.

Our decision to temporarily postpone all non-urgent dental care was not taken lightly, but the seriousness of the current novel coronavirus pandemic demands stricter physical distancing measures to slow the impact on our health care system. Nevertheless, we understand that this is disruptive for all patients who had appointments reserved during this time, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

We care deeply about the health of our patients, our team, and our wider community, and we thank you very much for your understanding as we do our part to overcome this challenging situation.



First of all, let me reassure you that Scottsdale Dental Centre has always maintained the highest order of cleanliness and sterility to protect our patients and staff from spreading illness and cross contamination. So whether it’s coronavirus or the regular seasonal flu, we have always been prepared.

Each treatment room has always had every surface disinfected after every patient. The dental chairs, counters, and all surfaces are wiped down with hospital grade disinfectants after each and every procedure. Every instrument is washed, disinfected, bagged and then sterilized. Anything that isn’t sterilized is disposed of. Each instrument pack has a tracking barcode that is scanned into your chart at every visit, and inside the pack is an indicator strip that ensures the deepest portion of the instrument kit achieved the required temperature to be sterile. Every day all sterilizers have a live culture test to ensure they are working properly. In addition to the 3 dental sterilizers we already have, we have always employed adequate manpower to ensure the cleaning and sterilization of all of our instruments. 

What about airborne pathogens? We have 2 large 'Surgically Clean Air' units stationed around the office that clean and filter the air. These are hospital operating room level HEPA air filters that include negative ion and UV light air purification. Additionally, we have air exchangers that run 24/7 to refresh all indoor air with fresh outdoor air. We have been doing all of these things in the background for yea​rs now. We are also now screening all of our patients and ensuring that if they have traveled, have sick family members at home, or are even mildly unwell that they do not come to our office. 



A little while ago we initiated a campaign to celebrate small achievements in our office. One of them was to donate $5 to Hospice Welllington every time we received positive patient feedback in the form of a Google Review.  We continue to do so, and as promised, I have made a $1000 donation on behalf of all our patients and team.



If you, like me, find yourself snacking a little more than usual these days, here are a few tips to keep our teeth healthy:

1. Limit the number of times a day you eat or drinks sugary items.
2. Avoid sugary treats that stay in the mouth for a long time, like hard candy or lollipops.
3. Avoid soft, sticky sweets that get stuck on to your teeth.
4. Drink water between meals.
5. Serve vegetables, fruit and cheese for snacks.
6. Remember to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and before going to bed.



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If there is any dental topic that you would like to know more about in the form of an educational video on Facebook or Instagram, or a live webinar, please let me know!


We are evaluating things on a week by week basis and will keep you abreast of any updates.  We are also using these times to update our systems and facilities to better serve you when you return!  Be assured that we have planned for extra capacity to address the backlog of overdue treatment to ensure we can take care of your oral health needs in a timely fashion.

During this time, be assured that we will remain available for any urgent dental needs.  We will be available in the following ways:

1 - Speak with us at (519) 836-5510 - Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
2 - E-mail us at
3 - Virtually connect with us using WhatsApp by messaging us at (519) 836-5110 or click on


We will reply to any voicemail or e-mail messages within 1-2 business days.


Please stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy!