Scottsdale Dental Centre
Dr. Farhan Ahmad

How often do I need to visit the dentist?

Frequency of visits to our office are very patient specific.  The idea is to catch problems early when they're small.  For most people, this means visiting the dentist every six months.  However, upon examination, we may suggest visits more or less often depending on the state of your oral health, home care, medications and how quickly plaque and tartar builds up on your teeth.

Generally speaking, more frequent visits are justified based on the following questions:

  1. Am I flossing every day?
  2. Am I brushing twice a day with a flouridated toothpaste?
  3. Do I eat a well-balanced diet and limit sticky and sweet foods?
  4. Do I smoke?
  5. Do I have a history of gum disease and cavities?
  6. Am I taking multiple medications?

Questions like help us decide together with you what is in the best interest of your oral health.  It is worth noting, you should not base the frequency of your visits based on dental plans or insurance coverage.  However, as a smart consumer of dental insurance, we do have guides available to help you figure out the kind of coverage you can expect.