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Scottsdale Dental Centre
Dr. Farhan Ahmad

High Tech Dentistry for Your Family

Dental technology has come a long way in recent years.  We have worked diligently to incorporate it into our practice to make your experience here more comfortable than ever.

From the digital x-rays we take during your evaluation and continuing through to any recommended treatment, technology helps us to make sure you receive the highest quality treatment possible.

Here are the ways we incorporate technology into our treatment on a daily basis.

Fresh Air - All The Time

Guelph High Tech Dentistry

Good ventilation renews the air in our officeat a controlled rate. The filtration and exchange of indoor air for fresh air allows us to ensure you are always breathing clean, fresh air when in our office.

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers

Clean Dental Office Guelph

Surgically Clean Air's Air Purifier is a Medical Grade Air System that is One of the Most Advanced on the Market.

High Tech Sterilization

We use some of the most modern and high tech sterilizers on the market as part of our safe and thorough sterilization protocols.

Invisalign Orthodontics

Invisalign Guelph

Metal-free computer-assisted clear aligner orthodontics. 

Digital X-rays

We obtain and amazing level of resolution with our digital x-ray sensors that have the industry's highest theoretical resolution and use lower radiation than traditional film x-rays.  This allows us to detect problems easier and quicker.

Entertainment During Your Visit

We offer the choice of movies and music for your comfort. In additionally, we use iPads to communicate with you regarding any dental conditions we may encounter.

Paperless Digital Records

We employ safe and private digital record keeping technologies to safely obtain and securely store your health information.  This allows efficient flow of information and communication.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral HD cameras Guelph DentistWe use high resolution intraoral cameras to document and communicate to you what we see.  This way, nothing's a mystery and you can be more informed about the state of our oral health.


Autologous Biologics

For advance surgical procedures we employ autologous biologic products that involves using cells from you to speed up the healing and regeneration of tissue with very low risk of infection or rejection.

E-mail & Text Reminders

We offer all our patients the option to enroll in our email and text family appointments reminders system.


Ultrasonic Dental Hygiene

Cavitron systems offer innovative features and benefits that enhance the comfort and efficiency at your dental cleanings.

Digital Nitrous Oxide & Sedation

Sleep Dentistry Guelph

We offer safe, monitored sedation for adults and children alike.

DSLR Photography

We use high resolution photography to communicate and design outcomes in aesthetic cases.